buy more local, spend less time

Forager helps buyers have more direct relationships with local suppliers. We streamline the local sourcing process, procurement to pay.


Increase local sourcing by 11%

Consumers are willing to pay at least a 10% premium for locally sourced products - by offering more of them, you meet this increasing demand!


Decrease the time & costs associated with managing many direct suppliers

Forager reduces time spent ordering & accounting by up to 60%, allowing time to be reallocated to important store initiatives.


Help grow the local food economy

The platform helps buyers better support local suppliers - it gives them a way to more easily manage these relationships & order more local products.

Local food is critical to your success & differentiation.

Forager can help.

But don’t take our word for it.

Read a case study about one of our current customers & how they have grown their local program while saving time and money through Forager.

You can also meet our suppliers and learn about why they find Forager to be valuable.

Hear from our customers in this video.

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