Forager was designed by buyers, for buyers, and has gone through 4 separate product improvement sprints since launching in the Spring of 2017

Key Features for Buyers

Updated September 2019

  1. The Basics

    • Mobile-responsive, intuitive design makes learning Forager EXTREMELY fast and simple

    • Walk the floor inputting product orders with a tablet

    • Maintains a fully digital procurement lifecycle - no more stickie notes, marked up POs, or hard copy checks!

    • Email notifications (track communications and updates in Forager in your email while on the floor)

  2. Easy Fast Ordering

    • All products organized onto a single interface

    • Quick product find with powerful search

    • Simple cart-based orders - place multiple orders simultaneously

    • Single-click narrows down to category or preferred supplier

    • See products as they come into season instantaneously with new product call-out

  3. Comprehensive Order & Logistics Management

    • See delivery cutoffs, minimums, and delivery geographies by supplier

    • In-app two-way communications and messaging

    • In-order audit trail tracking changes with internal memo support

    • Powerful order editing to minimize credit workflows and match invoices with as-delivered products

    • Partial case rejection at receiving

    • Automatic bottle deposit calculation

  4. Simple Supply Chain Management

    • Powerful preferred vendor support - rank up to 3 tiers at the product level

    • Manage all key supplier information in a single place

    • Supplier updates pushed to buyer’s dashboard for easy review

    • Daily delivery planning tool to plan signage and shelf stocking movements

    • Instantaneous receiving with robust PO editing to eliminate most credits

    • Product and supplier memos to maintain knowledge base across users

  5. Electronic Payments

    • Integrated one-click electronic payment via EFT

    • Manage payment terms by supplier

    • Automated AP aging tracking

    • Bulk AP approval and automated electronic payment

  6. Accounting Support

    • Import/Export data via CSV file format with a single click

    • Coming Soon! Quickbooks integration API

  7. Marketing Support

    • Key marketing information about each supplier collected and stored on platform

  8. Analytics

    • Price performance vs. market, supplier responsiveness and inventory updating,

  9. Import Export Integration & Mapping - POS, IMS, Acct Suites

  10. Best-in-class 24/7 Customer Support

  11. Coming Soon! Annual Pre-Negotiated Agreement Support

  12. Coming Soon! Forager MarketplaceTM

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