grow your wholesale
business with us

As Forager continues to grow, we are meeting buyers who are looking to expand their supplier network or to start sourcing local food from scratch. And we want to connect them with you.

If you are interested in expanding your wholesale customer base in Maine, please tell us some information below.

If we find a match, we will connect you and the buyer. You can discuss feasibility, provide samples, and iron out the delivery details. Once it's good to go, we will then connect you on Forager, at no cost to you!

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Contact Name
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Business Address
We will calculate your delivery radius from this address.
How far can you deliver? (Example: 70 miles radius from Scarborough. Up to Bangor and Rockland, down to Portsmouth. Actively looking for more on Rte 1 up to Rockland).
Any requirements that the buyer should know? (Example: minimum order amount)
If different than your current public page on Forager, what items would you be able to sell to a new buyer? If same, we can use your public page to share with a prospective buyer.