sourcing more locally doesn't have to mean more work


Offer what your customers want

Research among grocery shoppers is clear: 90% say freshness is the most important criteria when choosing where to shop. Two thirds say they will make a special trip to buy fresh local produce in season, and one third are willing to pay 10% more for local items.1 Local food is critical to your success.

save thousands of dollars

Our studies show that grocers can spend up to 60 hours per week on local food sourcing. Forager streamlines every step from ordering and receiving to invoicing for POS maintenance and paying via EFT, saving you 6-8% in bottom line. It also saves you the hassle of writing hundreds of checks each month.

expand your business & local food network

Spend less time managing inefficient order process. Spend more time forging new connections with local suppliers, promoting local food through creative merchandising strategies and planning how to grow your local food program.