Digital Commerce 360: A new agricultural portal brings local food to Maine grocers


Portland Food Coop (PFC) and Forager have partnered to make local food more widely available to everyone! Digital Commerce 360 explains how Forager's platform has helped bring more local food to this great co-op in Portland, Maine.

"When PFC was approached more than a year ago by an entrepreneur planning to launch Forager, a wholesale marketplace for farm produce, Crane was intrigued, he says. “We are located in their area and do a lot of business with local farmers,” he says. “About 40% of our business is done with about 280 Maine-based food producers. Forager wanted to know our needs and frustrations, and if there was an online platform available, what it would look like.”

The entrepreneur, David Stone, incorporated suggestions from Crane and other buyers into an online portal design that, among other things, shows buyers records on what they’ve ordered from which farms. Stone launched a pilot program last summer. PFC participated in a beta test that started last July, in the heart of the Maine growing season..."