Food Industry Executive: Meet the New B2B Sourcing Platform Bringing Fresh, Local Food to More People’s Plates

Food Industry Executive sheds light on national food trends affecting local economies. Read on to learn more about Forager's role in the locavore movement.

"...According to the results of just about every consumer preference survey done in the past few years, consumers want fresh, local foods. Market research publisher predicts that local food and beverage sales will hit $20 billion in 2019, noting that the products are “stepping out of the shadow of their once ‘quirky niche’ designation to claim a much more prominent—and permanent—place in the U.S. food and beverage retail-scape.”

This is great news for local producers, including farmers and small specialty food manufacturers, who are seeing their numbers and their market share grow.

But it also poses challenges. Specifically, the nation’s food supply chain infrastructure was built decades ago, and it was designed to support large companies that rely on centralized distribution and long-distance transport. Retailers and foodservice establishments that want to offer their customers local products don’t have an efficient, cost-effective way to source those products..."