New England Cable News Network: Maine Farmers Experience High Demand for Fresh Turkeys


Here's some great coverage from necn on the demand for local food. Surveys conducted by Forager and the Maine Department of Agriculture show increasing demand from consumers in the local food economy.

"...According to a survey by Forager, a farm-to-table purchasing platform, 83 percent of Maine consumers surveyed planned to source food locally this Thanksgiving

 The Maine Department of Agriculture reports a 30 percent in live turkey poults brought into the state this year, signaling a strong turkey farming industry.

"The increase in local, organic pasturing is on the rise, so it's made things like this a lot easier to sell," said Gregg Stiner, pointing to his flock of organic turkeys at Grace Pond Farm in Monmouth.

When he started his business with his partner Rhiannon Hampson three years ago, they raised 220 turkeys. This year, they raised 350..."