Today's Grocer: Forager launches to ignite local food economy

We're excited to be featured on the Today's Grocer, a major magazine for grocers of all size. Forager is trying to reduce the headache of sourcing local food for grocers, so they can place more local food on the shelves for all consumers.

Forager Launches to Ignite Local Food Economy

"Driven by consumers who want 'real, unadulterated food,' and not products with additives and preservatives that have been shipped from coast to coast, the $14 billion local food market is taking flight. 

With this in mind, a new digital platform has launched to help buyers and producers communicate and tap in the burgeoning local food market. Forager is an online and mobile platform designed to reduce the costs and friction at every step of the process, making it easier to source locally. the company has already completed a successful regional pilot involving 100 famers and 10 grovers, food-co-ops and wholesalers from Maine..."