New England Cable News Network: Summer Spent with Maine Startup Forager

New England Cable News Network: Summer Spent with Maine Startup Forager

CEO and founder, David Stone, returns to the NECN studios to follow up on a previous conversation and to discuss Forager's recent success in growing the local food economy. He is also joined by Forager Summer Intern and Colby College student Sam Pratico, who shares his experiences at Forager and the reasons he was drawn to Food Tech.

New England Cable News Network: Maine Startup Changing The Way We Source Food

New England Cable News Network: Maine Startup Changing The Way We Source Food

A Maine startup has been changing the way we source our food. 'Forager' has an app that connects farmers with markets, grocery stores and other buyers to streamline the farm-to-table process. The platform launched just over a year ago and is growing fast. CEO and founder David Stone joins necn to discuss.

New England Cable News Network: App Expansion Provides New Opportunities for Vt. Farmers


Here's more about how Forager can help ease the challenges of sourcing local food. Check out this necn article to learn more about how Forager is already being used to buy and sell local food.

"An app that's expanding throughout New England is providing new opportunities for Vermont farmers to sell their products to grocery stores and other customers.

'It makes the communication faster' farmer Aly Martelle said of the Forager platform.

Forager aims to reduce headaches for farmers and their customers when it comes to the business side of agriculture, in areas like marketing and inventory management, by simplifying the way grocery stores, distributors, restaurants and institutions source locally-grown food direct from producers..."

AgFunder: Grocers Are Failing to Meet $20bn Consumer Demand for Local Food

Our founder and CEO, David Stone, discussed the results of our survey of grocery shoppers with AgFunder. Consumers are visiting grocery stores to buy local produce but grocery stores are unable to meet their demand. 

"87% of survey respondents reported going to their local grocery store for local food purchases. While 81% of grocers believe they are delivering on the promise of fresh, 67% of consumers are completely dissatisfied with local fresh produce in their grocery store. 

So, what’s stopping grocers from delivering on this desire for local. With such a high and demonstrated demand for local food, shouldn’t grocers and other wholesalers be capitalizing on this trend?" 

David suggests grocers join the local food movement, "For conventional grocers, this is an opportunity that they cannot afford to miss. On average, consumers shop at six different grocery stores, and if these stores want to stay in business, they must be able to offer the fresh, local food that their customers are looking for."

News Center Maine: Maine farmer uses e-commerce platform to boost local sales


Watch to learn more about how Forager is impacting the local food economy. Hear from Forager user, Stacy Brenner, of Broadturn Farm about why Forager's digital sourcing platform is a power tool for buyers and sellers of local food. 

New England Cable News Network: Maine Farmers Experience High Demand for Fresh Turkeys


Here's some great coverage from necn on the demand for local food. Surveys conducted by Forager and the Maine Department of Agriculture show increasing demand from consumers in the local food economy.

"...According to a survey by Forager, a farm-to-table purchasing platform, 83 percent of Maine consumers surveyed planned to source food locally this Thanksgiving

 The Maine Department of Agriculture reports a 30 percent in live turkey poults brought into the state this year, signaling a strong turkey farming industry.

"The increase in local, organic pasturing is on the rise, so it's made things like this a lot easier to sell," said Gregg Stiner, pointing to his flock of organic turkeys at Grace Pond Farm in Monmouth.

When he started his business with his partner Rhiannon Hampson three years ago, they raised 220 turkeys. This year, they raised 350..."