Forager Rides the National Local Food Wave to Success

New article highlights the traction Forager has had riding the national food wave.

“2 years post-commercialization, 70k products sourced through Forager, across 8 states, via 25 grocers and 250 farms and small local artisanal grocery suppliers. In 2018, Forager enabled millions of dollars in local food sales. The company's momentum is significant, growing more than 3x in 2019 YTD over the prior year. Sales included an expansion into three market categories: deli, bakery and wellness products such as CBD.”

“Local sales among suppliers grew by double digits in the first year of using Forager. For independent farmers, Forager is a very good business opportunity; in 2018, suppliers who adopted the platform saw, on average, an 11 percent increase in sales over those who did not use Forager. Both grocers and farmers benefit from the average time savings shown by the data: 10- 20 hours less time spent buying local food during peak season on the platform versus without the platform.”