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AgFunder: Grocers Are Failing to Meet $20bn Consumer Demand for Local Food

Our founder and CEO, David Stone, discussed the results of our survey of grocery shoppers with AgFunder. Consumers are visiting grocery stores to buy local produce but grocery stores are unable to meet their demand. 

"87% of survey respondents reported going to their local grocery store for local food purchases. While 81% of grocers believe they are delivering on the promise of fresh, 67% of consumers are completely dissatisfied with local fresh produce in their grocery store. 

So, what’s stopping grocers from delivering on this desire for local. With such a high and demonstrated demand for local food, shouldn’t grocers and other wholesalers be capitalizing on this trend?" 

David suggests grocers join the local food movement, "For conventional grocers, this is an opportunity that they cannot afford to miss. On average, consumers shop at six different grocery stores, and if these stores want to stay in business, they must be able to offer the fresh, local food that their customers are looking for."

Today's Grocer: Staying Relevant in the Age of Online Retail


2018 looks to be a dynamic year for grocers. Faced with increasing pressure to go digital and cut costs, our Founder and CEO David Stone outlines how retailers need to differentiate to thrive in this evolving market. 

See the full op-ed below or the entire issue here.

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Today's Grocer: The Amazon Underbelly - Doubling Down on Local


In a new editorial on Today's Grocer, our Founder and CEO David Stone talks about the pressures pushing consumers online, and how grocers have to make local sourcing - providing the freshest food - the highest priority. 

"A fully online, centralized operation is never going to replace a store that has a connection to local farmers and can deliver on the promise of fresh, local and in-season produce."

See the full op-ed below or the entire issue here.

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Forbes: Little-Known Tech Startups Likely To Make A Splash In The Coming Years


We may be a small company, but we have some big dreams. Dreams of making local food more widely available for everyone. Thank you Forbes and Forbes Technology Council for the recognition!

Little-Known Tech Startups Likely To Make A Splash In The Coming Years

"Forager is going to make waves. This company changes the way we source food, making locally grown options more readily available. The technology that Forager implements will transform a billion-dollar industry that affects every single one of us." - Tammy Cohen, InfoMart