Release Notes: February 2019

February Feature Release

You spoke, we listened. Today, we're releasing some of the most requested features. Check them out below and tell us what you think.

Release Notes 1 - Buyer - Remember Views (Caption).gif

1. Navigate more quickly.

Moving back and forth is now faster. Go ahead and click “back”— we will remember your search keywords, filters, and everything else.

This also works on other pages, including Orders and Invoices. It will only work when you click “back” and not when you click the menu bar to go to a page.

2. Search more freely.

Product search became smarter. Type any combination of products and farmers, like “abc farm carrots”— and we’ll find what you wanted, and then some more.

Because it brings all the closest results, you may get unexpected products too. You can reduce them by adjusting your search or filtering.

Release Notes 1 - Buyer - Messaging (Caption).gif

3. Message more easily.

Messages will stay in the inbox even after you read it. You can mark it as unread for other buyers or for yourself. Oh, and emojis work too now 😃!

Release Notes 1 - Buyer - Partial Case.gif

4. Order in cases, receive in units

You can add or reject partial cases. In edit order screen, you can switch from cases to units (lb, ct, etc.) for any products that are sold in cases. It can put exactly what's delivered.

Release Notes 1 - Buyer - Deposits (Caption).gif

5. Deposit, auto-calculated

Now suppliers can add deposits to products. If a product has deposits, we'll automatically add them up and show you the totals, so you don't have to worry about it. When you add or reduce the quantity of that product, deposits will calculate accordingly. It may take a few days for the suppliers to set up the products correctly.

Release Notes 1 - Buyer - Credits (Caption).gif

6. Credits, as line items

You can add credits the same way you add products to your order. Select from available products or make a custom one. Use this to manage bottle returns!

For Meat/Cheese products, you must add it by each (ea), save, edit again, in order to change each to units (lb or oz) and enter actual weight.