Take the pledge to support local food

As leaders in our national and local food systems, we pledge to increase the amount of local food we buy in order to improve the safety, sustainability, and nutritional quality of the food we sell to our customers.

Together, we face a critical moment where the future health and sustainability of our communities is at stake.  We recognize our vital role in building a new and better food system by supporting the local farmers, ranchers, fishers, and producers who are at the core of a better food future for us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign the pledge?


Any retailer who is currently purchasing products directly from vendors within their state/region, and who will commit to increasing the percentage of local products they purchase.

Why Grocers?


With a depleted restaurant business, grocery stores are the only option that can provide the consistent and sustainable volume of sales that local food producers need for their businesses to survive.

Our October 2020 consumer survey showed that 93% of shoppers said they think grocers have an important role to play in supporting local farmers and food producers.

What happens after I/we sign the pledge?

  • You will be redirected to a landing page where you can download a digital NSLF Pledge supporter “badge” to add to your social media accounts, or other outreach materials, and code to embed the badge on your website.
  • You will receive email updates about Support Local Food Week.
  • You will be added to the list of pledge supporters that will be announced during Support Local Food Week

How is the pledge enforced?


The pledge is a good-faith commitment to support local producers and to increase the share of local products purchased. It is understood that there may be factors which slow or limit the adoption of the pledge values depending on the region and type of business.

I’m not a grocer but how can I help?

  • Spread the word about the pledge through social media
  • Support those who sign
  • Visit http://goforager.com/localfoodweek in January and share the educational content we will be posting

Who can I contact with questions about the pledge? 


We’re happy to tell you more. Connect with us here.