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We are simplifying the local food sourcing process so we can all benefit from local food. Consumers are increasingly demanding fresh, local food. Yet grocers, distributors, and institutions find it challenging to source locally. Forager is seeking to change all of this so we can make local food more widely available for everyone.


Local food is changing our lives



Local food benefits our environment, economy, health, and community. It reduces our carbon footprint, creates local jobs, makes us healthier, and brings people together.


The market for local food has grown 4 times faster than industrial agriculture in the past decade, reaching 14 billion dollars in 2016. It's projected to double again in the next 5 years.


Still, locally sourced food is only
3% of all the food we consume - Why?


Local sourcing is expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone—taking up to 80 hours a week and preventing retailers from offering more local foods.


Discovering, establishing, and maintaining a reliable network of local producers is difficult and limits how much stores can source locally.


Most payments are made by check — slow in processing and a real pain for both the producer and the buyer.

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We are digitally streamlining the buying process
So producers and buyers can do what they love most:
Growing and sharing local food




Forager is the digital procurement-to-payment platform designed to make local sourcing a no-brainer. Our groundbreaking solution reduces the costs and complexity of the sourcing process for grocers, distributors and institutions so they can purchase and offer more local food.



See what your suppliers have and send purchase orders in a few clicks. So much quicker, we save you tens of hours each week.

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Communicate with your suppliers and update orders, all in one place. Everything will be clearer and more efficient.

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Check in products electronically and adjust orders instantly. Reduce error rates by 1-2% and enable easy import to your POS system.


Approve invoices electronically and schedule payments online. No more checks— saving you $4-20 on every check.


Digital records mean better data. Know the who, what, and how of your local sourcing. Improve product offerings and enhance your margins.


it’s simple:
 buy more local food, spend less time


less time spent on local ordering


more local food purchased

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who's on board?

Over 300 passionate local farmers and food producers offering the freshest produce, dairy, meat, and speciality products. And dozens of dedicated grocers and food buyers who want to buy more efficiently from them, so they can provide their customers what they really want — the highest quality local food.


our customers are our partners
committed to growing the local food economy

Forager has made a big difference to our commitment to sourcing locally. Our buyers are finding themselves with more time to work with both our farmers and customers. We estimate we save 6-8% in labor costs.”
— John C., General Manager of Portland Food Co-op
I’m sitting on my back porch, listening to the birds and sipping my coffee, while placing an order on Forager. This is really a drastic improvement over the old way. Thank you.”
— John S., Head Purchaser at Rosemont Market & Bakery
“Buyers love the clean availability list and the fact that they can access it easily from their phones and computers”
— Kelsey H., Co-owner of Two Farmers Farm
After using Forager for a few weeks I’ve seen increased sales with my buyers now that they can see all of my products in one place.”
— Sean H., Owner at Left Field Farm

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So there is no better place on earth to build and expand our platform. Maine was known as New England's breadbasket until industrial farming took the jobs westward. Today, Maine's food industry is making a comeback.

Maine's local food economy ranks #2 in the nation, with 6% of the food sourced locally — double the national average.

Bucking the national trend, Maine has seen 1,000+ new farms start since 2008. The majority of them are by farmers younger than 35 and 35% were started by women.

With a growing supply of local food, Maine is becoming renowned for its craft food and grocers that are dedicated to the local food economy. Maine students are eating healthier, too: Maine boasts 80% farm-to-school participation today.


About Our Founder

David D. Stone is a serial technology entrepreneur whose passion is to create and build innovative companies that take advantage of emerging market shifts. Previously, he catalyzed the movement from plastic to digital gift cards as the co-founding CEO of CashStar, the leading e-gifting company and one of the most successful startups in New England that issued $2 billion in digital value in 2016.

Today, David is determined to change the way we source our food and make local food more widely available to all. He wishes to give back through Forager, which he hopes will improve the health of many, many lives–and contribute to the success of the “Good Food Movement".

About Our CEO

Joe Blunda is a passionate entrepreneur with a background in M&A due diligence and business strategy who came to the food industry in 2016. As a boy, Joe got his first ‘taste’ of the local food scene when a family connection with a large native blueberry growing operation supplied Joe and his brothers with berries to sell on a roadside stand in Maine.

Joe founded a food startup prior to joining Forager, and worked for David Stone as Head of Strategy and COO before taking the lead CEO role at the beginning of 2019.

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Forager began because we love our local food, farmers, and community. And our mission is to make it much easier to source from local farms, so everyone can benefit from all local food has to offer. Whether you're a buyer hoping to source more locally, a farmer trying to expand your operation, an investor supporting our mission, or just interested in learning more— we want to hear from you.

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